Activate Weight Loss With Intuitve Eating

Are you sick of all the diets? Have you tried the next trend full of hope that this will be the one that sticks? Maybe you even lose some weight and start feeling better. But then you crash and it’s like nothing ever changed. 

You want to do all the healthy things, and maybe you do, but you keep finding yourself over eating, beating yourself up, skipping the gym, and wasting time on your phone. Maybe you’re doing everything “right” but you just aren’t losing weight.

I’ve been there. Once, I was overweight and chronically tired but I was still eating healthy and working out but nothing was changing. 

The truth is, I was relying on all these outside sources when my body already had the map. As I connected to my intuition and did the inner work, I found choosing food and working out to come easily and naturally!

I started paying attention when I was eating. I began listening to all of the emotions driving my bad habits and healed them by feeling them. And so can you! 

Now imagine this. You wake up, have a kick ass morning routine that fills you with energy and passion. You go into the kitchen and you not only know exactly what to eat but you are excited to eat it. You are excited to nourish your body. You eat mindfully, filling your body and feeling your emotions. You know exactly when you have had enough and do not crave anymore. 

For the rest of the day you are connected to your intuition, you are flowing, no longer slave to obsessive thoughts of food and cravings. 

Introducing The 6 Week Transformation to Activate Weight loss

1 on 1 coaching for 42 days to lose weight, connect to intuition, gain emotional freedom, and rewrite your relationship with food. 

Lets move you from frustration to freedom!


What is intuitive eating exactly?


 Intuitive eating is the practice of falling in love with nourishing your body. It learning to connect to your intuition to learn exactly what your body wants and needs. No diets, no rules, no guilt. Just you and your gut working together to create the healthiest you. 

Intuitive eating is all about trusting your intuition and feeding your body what it truly wants. Think: nourishment and flow instead of stress and deprivation!

 If you’re ready to heal emotional eating, connect to your intuition, and gain freedom from shame, then you’re in the right place! Let’s get to the very core and heal the emotions that are causing your binge eating and unhealthy patterns of behavior.


Intuitive eating workbook: My practical 6-step system is the perfect introduction to intuitive eating. YES you can become healthy without all the stress of strict diets and workout routines.

Shadow work tools: My shadow work tools work book contains an introduction on shadow work with many techniques and tools to heal the shadow and reverse self sabotage. 

Self Love work book: An introduction to the art of radical self love, self care, and acceptance. 

he investment to the program is $400. That includes six 45 minute coaching sessions, the intuitive eating work book, shadow work tools, and self love work book. 

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Option A

One payment of $400

Option B

Two payments of 200$

With my coaching you will…

  • Have an understanding of intuitive eating and a practice you are excited about
  • Connect to your intuition
  • Lose weight easily and naturally
  •  Gain more energy and passion for yourself and your goals
  • Gain freedom from obsessive thoughts about food
  • Gain freedom from emotional eating
  • Get to the core of your eating issues and heal your reationship with food and your body

This is for you

If you are ready to get to the core of eating and body issues and rewrite your relationship with food!

Six 45 minute coaching sessions

  • Narrow in on your unique issues
  • Create a plan of action
  • Recieve powerful homework tailored to suit your goals weekly
  • Gain and understanding of intuitive eating and create a transformative practice
  • Gain an understanding of your shadow and a clear path to working with it
  • Create rituals and routines that excite you and keep you focused

Bonus: Intuitive Eating work book

  • 6 clear steps to rewriting your relationship with food
  • Heal emotional eating
  • Learn powerful practices to connect with your intuition
  • Gain freedom from obsessive thoughts about food
  • Reject guilt
  • Mindfullness practice

Bonus: Shadow Work Tools

  • Introduction to shadow work
  • Understand and practice mindset
  • Radical acceptance
  • Let go of shame
  • Dive into self worth
  • Techniques to work with your shadow
  • Feel to heal practice
  • Protecting your energy
  • Self sabotage, how to reverse it

Bonus: Self Love work book


  •  Understanding acceptance as the foundation
  • Self care
  • Fuck the rules
  • Radical self love
  • Expressing gratitude

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Begin your intuitive eating journey to activate weight loss!

One payment of $400!

Two payments of $200!

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This isn’t the call where I spend 30 minutes telling you why you need my paid offer (I have been there). You get a half hour of actual coaching plus homework that is tailored to you. Obligation and guilt free!

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About me


I am Mimi. I am a health coach, shadow work teacher, intuitive eating guide, and all around lovely person. I am all about body image, emotional eating, plants, and deep inner work.

I am an ACE certified health coach and I have a bachelors degree in Psychology.

 I am a quirky individual with a passion for life. I am obsessed with this desert I call home. I love a good adventure, either by fantasy book or in real life. 

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