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Some years ago I did not have energy, confidence, self love, or a healthy relationship with food. I did the diets, I did the work outs, but nothing was working. I dreamed of the day I would be skinny so that I could finally be confidant, social, and sexy.  

The truth is, I was relying on all these outside sources when my body already had the map. As I connected to my intuition and explored my shadow, I found that my subconscious was really the one pulling the strings. I sabotaged myself from losing weight because I was afraid of becoming the woman I wanted to be. It was far more comfortable to be unsocial, unseen, and unheard. 

Currently, I AM confidant, sexy, a leader, social, GLOWING, and it doesn’t matter what size I am! Using my three pillars, Conscious Eating, Shadow Work, and Self Love I detached weight from my self worth. I rewrote my relationship with food, with my body,  AND SO CAN YOU! 

Now imagine this. Your body wakes up in the morning feeling motivated, alive. You hear the voice in your head already telling you how amazing you are. You look in the mirror and you see a QWEEN. You go to the kitchen and you feel exactly what your body wants to eat. You listen to it. You catch your reflection and what do you see? That’s right. A QWEEN. You are excited to nourish your body. You have energy and motivation for all the things. You have passion again. You are confidant. You fucking slay that crop top and short shorts. You are connected to your intuition, flowing, mindful and compassionate.

Self sabatuer? Who is that? We don’t know her. 

Let’s get it. 



Lets move you from frustration to freedom!


What are we getting?

You have a problem? YOU have the solution! In a session with me I will give you the tools and resources you need to solve your problems and reach your goals. I coach you to your goals using NLP techniques and Hypnotherapy. We will decide together what you want and what is a good mix for you. 

How do you want to transform? Coaching and Hypnotherapy will give you options. Where your conscious mind is choosing growth, your unconscious mind is choosing sabotage.  We will bring the two into alignment.  

  Imagine this, you feel unlimited. The voice in your head speaks positively. You can see and access your full potential. At a time in the past you might go sit on the couch and scroll on your phone. And you still can. But there is another choice now. You can choose, easily and effortlessly, to go get it. The choice is yours, but now that you have the choice, why wouldn’t you choose what you desire?



Ready to feel all the good things? Let’s get you on the schedule!

 Your Investment

One hour of coaching/hypnotherapy: 250$

In this hour we will target your problem(s) and create achievable steps to make your goals possible. You will leave the appointment with a plan and motivation. You will receive hypnotherapy techniques to advance you in this plan. 

Full Transformation  1250$

You have a goal/problem. We get you there. You will recieve six hypnotherapy sessions for a full transformation of your choice. You will

  • Release past emotional baggage
  • Rewire desired behaviors
  • Have a plan with actionable steps
  • Have new resources for your brain
  • and what ever it takes!

For this option schedule a regular session and we will create a plan in that session. 

With my coaching you will…

  • Become more authentically you
  • Rewrite your relationship with your body, food, health
  • Create solutions with more ease
  •  Gain more energy and passion for yourself and your goals
  • Move from a stuck state to a motivated state.
  • Have more choices and more options to choose from consciously and unconsciously.

AAdopt a higher mindset and take ALIGNED action


 Being someone who has been overweight most of her life I was extremely skeptical about starting this intuitive eating program. However what have I got to lose? It turns out I had a lot more to gain. 

I have formed a new relationship with food, and while I may still not be happy with my body I have learned to appreciate it, love it, and trust the changes that I’m going through will provide the outcome I’m looking for. 

My overall mental stability has increased and I find myself more positive, more outgoing, and stronger mentally that I have been in years. Working with Mimi has been extremely wonderful. You won’t find anyone more supportive than she is. She has guided me through the process and I am so grateful to her for her kindness and patience with me. You can’t go wrong when you choose love, especially when you choose to love yourself. 


In our session with Mimi she was able to put our goals into an acheivable form and gave us great tips on relaxation. She had great advice and was very helpful. Just like anything in life the more you put into it the more you’ll get out of it. 


Thank you Mimi for coaching me. I LOVED it! Your techniques and advice are Amazing! I learned so much and highly reccomend people to sign up for the positive coaching. It’s life changing. 


About me


I am Mimi. I am a coach, hypnotherapy practitioner, and all around delightful person. I am all about self love, passion, and my fur babies. 

Bachelors in Pyschology

Trained and certified in TimeLine Thereapy® at the Practitioner level  Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Certified Hypnotherapy CHt.

My motto in life is the first thing I learned in the very first class I took in college. Make the familiar strange, and the strange familiar.

“I’m going to lead you down the path that rocks” -emperors new groove. But also me. 

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