Transform Self Sabotage

The 90 Minute Coaching Session

Heal the shadow to lose weight 

 Do you keep trying to lose the extra weight? Do you wake up on time, exercise, eat home cooked meals, and do ALL the things, but keep falling back into old habits? Or are you doing all the things successfully and still not losing the weight?

You are consciously trying to do all the healthy things but you keep finding yourself over eating, beating yourself up, skipping the gym, wasting time on your phone, or just plain not losing weight with seemingly no explanation. Whhhhhhy? 

The answer?

 Self sabotage.

 For some reason, you are sabotaging you efforts to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. 

 Same. Well, once I was the same. Once, I was overweight and I was doing all the things to lose it. Consciously, I wanted to lose the weight and gain all the things I thought would happen consequently. I wanted to be confidant, sexy, out going, a leader, fulfill my dreams, etc etc. 

But something was blocking me.

 Until I did the inner work that I could finally break free and create the body and life I was dreaming of!

Once I listened to my shadow side I saw that my unconscious mind was really the one pulling the strings.

Unconsciously, I was comfortable being fat. I secretly wanted to stay the way I was so that I wouldn’t have to be confidant, sexy, lead, socialize, etc.

I was holding myself back from losing weight because I was holding myself back from being those other things. It was far easier to be invisible, untested, and unsocial.

But these days my life is vastly different! I feel healthy and strong — and so can you! 

Now imagine this, imagine a day where you wake up and you are EXCITED. You wake up, you dance, you glow, you know your fucking worth. You eat a healthy breakfast, you work out, you make connections, you go shopping for your new wardrobe, you cook your own food, you still eat the cookie, YOU ARE FREE. 

 Starting right now, you have the power consciously choose to leave behind your old patterns and embrace the new. 

Introducing The Health Coaching and Shadow Work Page

Join me for a 1 on 1 coaching session to dive right into the core of what is blocking you from achieving your goals, losing weight, and healing.

Let’s move you from feeling stuck, to feeling fantastic!


What even is the shadow?


The shadow is the gate keeper between the conscious and the unconscious. It is where we store all the things we dislike about ourselves or the things that don’t fit in with our socially acceptable identity.

The shadow is keeping the secrets of why you sabotage yourself and I am offering the tools to uncover them and heal them!  

 In our 90 minute coaching session we will break through old patterns, self sabotage, and all the bull shit that is holding you back. I will zero in on your personal issues and help you heal the shadow self. 

As a bonus I am offering my shadow work tools work book containing an introduction on shadow work with many techniques and tools to heal the shadow and reverse self sabotage. I am also offering my self love work book. 

If you are ready for deep emotional healing, transforming self sabotage, and gaining freedom from old patterns, you are in exactly the right place! Let’s get to the core, cut the bull shit, and heal what is holding you back! 

 Click the get started button below to begin your journey to healing the shadow and transforming self sabotage to a healthier you! 

Your investment to the program is $44. That includes the 90 minute coaching call, the shadow work tools work book, and the self love work book. 

The offer is closing on 10/2/19


 With my coaching and shadow work tools you will…


  • Learn the difference between the you who is presented to the world and the real you
  • Learn why the reasons why you are sabotaging yourself and what they mean
  • Get to the core of those reasons and heal them
  • Shift from blocking yourself to working with yourself 
  • Create space for deep emotional healing
  • Connect to your intuition 
  • Gain more energy and passion for yourself and your goals
  • Lose weight naturally and easily 
  • Create practical but powerful next steps and plan of action


Let’s get started!


Join me for my 1 on 1 90 minute coaching session!

 Receive the workbooks and begin your shadow work journey to weight loss today!


About me


I am Mimi. I am a health coach, shadow transformation teacher, intuitive eating guide, and all around lovely person. I am all about body image, emotional eating, plants, and deep inner work.

I am an ACE certified health coach and I have a bachelors degree in Psychology.

 I am a quirky individual with a passion for life. I am obsessed with this desert I call home. I love a good adventure, either by fantasy book or in real life. 

This is for you

If you are ready to dig deep, get uncomfortable, and break through! 


90 minute 1 on 1 coaching session

  • Narrow in on your unique issues
  • Create a plan of action
  • Receive a recap of the session via email
  • Receive powerful homework tailored to suit you and your goals
  • Gain an understanding of the shadow and a clear path to working with it. 
  • Create rituals and routines that excite you and keep you focused.


Bonus: Shadow work book

  • Introduction to shadow work
  • Mindset
  • Acceptance
  • Shame
  • Self worth
  • Techniques
  • Feel to heal
  • Protecting your energy
  • Self sabotage


Bonus: Self love work book


  •  Acceptance
  • Self care
  • Fuck the rules
  • Radical self love
  • Gratitude

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