With my health coaching certification and a bachelors degree in psychology I present my coaching package

Intuitive eating is all about rewriting your relationship with food.

It is the practice of falling in love with nourishing your body

It is the “diet” for rebels and rule breakers

So here is my thing

I used to really struggle with weight loss. Health became an obsession to change the way I looked. I couldn’t change the way I looked (the weight loss came much much later) but I did change the way I felt. I learned that was all I was seeking in the first place, a feeling.

I wanted to feel worthy. I wanted to feel like I was enough. I wanted to feel wellness throughout my entire being. It isn’t a journey with a simple ending. It is a daily practice that I am dying to share with the world. I am here to share the glow that comes from loving yourself with fierce compassion and deep understanding.

The Package

I will guide, support, and motivate you to become and feel your healthiest and happiest self. Utilizing tools such as nutrition, mindset, and exercise I will help you create lasting changes.

This 3 week coaching package includes:

  • Two 45 minute (or three 30 minute) personal calls to create and plan goals
  • Two meditations
  • Nutrition guide, back to the basics
  • Three live training’s on mindset, plant based eating, and creating lasting changes
  • Local resources and shopping guide
  • A training video on intuitive eating
  • Unlimited text support

The Transformation

You have an understanding of intuitive eating and have a practice in place

You reach your health goals, be it weight loss, better nutrition, more energy, etc.

You feel confidant in yourself and in your ability to nourish your body

You have a plan to move forward with your health

You have created habits that give you life

You have more energy and passion for life

You feel radiant, you feel wellness throughout your entire body

The Price

One payment of $120