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The Rule Breakers Guide to Intuitive Eating

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Ready to ditch your diet?

My practical 6-step system is the perfect introduction to intuitive eating. YES you can become healthy without all the stress of strict diets and workout routines.

Intuitive eating is all about trusting your intuition and feeding your body what it truly wants. Think: nourishment and flow instead of stress and deprivation!

If you’re ready to heal emotional eating, connect to your intuition, and gain freedom from shame, then you’re in the right place! Let’s get to the very core and heal the emotions that are causing your binge eating and unhealthy patterns of behavior.

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Your investment for the program is $55. That includes a private 60-minute coaching session, Intuitive Eating Workbook and bonus Self Love Workbook (to help lock in everything you’ve learned). 


I desire to empower people to connect to their intuition and operate from a place of awareness so that we can change the world. 

There was a time when I could not lose weight. I felt like when I did finally lose the weight I would be confidant, sexy, and secure. I had to confront myself with the truth. I had been skinny before and I never felt like that. So I began my intuitive eating journey and started doing the inner work. I took care of myself, created boundaries, showed up for myself. I did eventually lose the weight, but my self worth was no longer tied to it. I am here to share my journey and inspire yours. I am here to show you how to connect to your intuition and do the deep inner work.

About Me

I am Mimi. I am a health coach, shadow transformation teacher, intuitive eating guide, and all around lovely person. I am all about body image, emotional eating, plants, and deep inner work.

I have an ACE certified health coach and I have a bachelors degree in Pyschology.

 I am a quirky individual with a passion for life. I am obsessed with this desert I call home. I love a good adventure, either by fantasy book or in real life.