Intuitive eating is best described as listening to your body and eating what it wants. It is connecting to your intuition in order to nourish your body. Some key points are mindful eating, rejecting guilt, feeling your emotions, and letting go of preconceived ideas of food. Being that intuitive eating is not a diet, there can be a lot of misconception. So I am here to clear some of that up.

Misconception: You aren’t allowed to lose weight, want to lose weight, or even think about losing weight.

One of the main points of intuitive eating is freedom, it isn’t meant to be another tool to control your life. You can still have goals! You can make goals to build muscle, lose fat, build endurance, etc. Intuitive eating is giving you the tools to trust yourself. You can make goals without the pressure because you will know that your worth has nothing to do with making those goals. Also, no one is saying that in order to love yourself you aren’t allowed to change. You can love your body at every stage.

Misconception: You will only want “bad” food.

When you open the door to all food you may have a period where you binge eat on all the things you deprived yourself of before. It is a healing period and it is okay. Feel your emotions and listen to your body. Your body will know when it is time to stop and as you get more in tune you will find that you naturally want food that nourishes your body. Recent studies have shown that people make healthier choices when they practice intuitive eating. In my own experience, the more I am in tune with my body the more I want raw vegetables. I have even found myself craving mushrooms, a food I previously disliked. I craved it even though I hadn’t tried it in years. Your body knows.

Misconception: You can’t measure success

You can absolutely measure success with intuitive eating. It just isn’t measured the same way a diet or exercise regime is. Which is awesome. You don’t have to weigh yourself all the time or go 30 days without sugar. Intuitive eating isn’t a pass or fail, it’s a practice. Success is measured by freedom from obsessive thoughts, freedom from the control of food, emotional healing, and freedom from shame and judgement. Some days will be better than others but again, you can’t fail.

Misconception: Nutrition isn’t important

Nutrition is very important, there just isn’t so much pressure. Intuitive eating is about enjoying what you eat. It isn’t forcing yourself to eat kale for the sake of eating kale. It is approaching food with a new attitude and a playful spirit. It is recognizing there are many ways to get the nutrients you need and that you can have fun with it.

Truth: Intuitive eating is life

Intuitive eating is so much more than a restrictive diet. It is all about healing the emotions behind food, it is healing the shame and guilt surrounding food, and it is all about moving that yummy body. Intuitive eating is a way of life that is about being in the moment and savoring it.

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