Think about your relationship with food. Is it healthy? Is it where you want it to be? No? Get a pen and paper and lets rewrite your relationship with food!

Write all the things you hate about your relationship with food

write about your unhealthy patterns like binge eating, emotional eating, not eating, etc. Write about the foods you eat that don’t make you feel well. The food you feel guilty for eating or shame. Write about how much or how little you eat. All the things you are unhappy about when it comes to food.

Now write down all the ways those things have benefited you

How has emotional eating benefited you? Well it made you feel better (at least for a moment). Eating too much? You don’t have to worry about a lack of food, or you get to enjoy all that food. It is okay if you have to get creative. Part of my unhealthy relationship with food is I always felt like I had to eat everything off of my plate. That means I didn’t go hungry!

What opportunities do those things you hate present to you now?

If you emotionally eat, you now have the opportunity to use food to FEEL your emotions rather than push them down. Eating foods that make you feel sick? Now you have the opportunity to explore food that makes you feel GOOD and NOURISHED. With my earlier example of having to finish everything on my plate, I then get the opportunity to practice mindful eating.

These are stories

Your unhealthy relationship with food is a story. A story you tell yourself over and over and you believe it is true. My old story was I had to eat everything because I was afraid there was not enough. My new story is I eat mindfully. I eat slowly so that I can feel exactly when my body is done eating. My story went from one filled with guilt and lack to one that is positive and for personal growth. We are full of stories and once we are aware of those stories we can rewrite them to be more positive, to find the opportunity rather than the block.

What kind of a relationship would like to have with food? Write down that story!

pin for later!

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