A Fuck Up Free Way to Practice Intuitive Eating

The list of benefits from tea go on and on for literally ever. This is not a post to get you to switch from coffee to tea. Coffee is life, I love coffee, but there is a world where you can have both.


  • antioxidants
  • less caffeine than coffee, or no caffeine
  • weight loss
  • more energy
  • boosts immune system
  • helps with the digestive system
  • helps prevent cancer
  • lowers stress
  • helps to keep you hydrated

The list goes on and on, and that doesn’t even begin to cover the benefits of specific types of tea.

Practicing Intuitive Eating With Tea

It can be difficult to get in touch with our intuition when it comes to eating. We have eating patterns programmed into us as children, diet culture, and unhealthy relationships with food working against us. It can be hard to know if we need something or just want something, it’s even more difficult to know when we are hungry. That is why tea is a great place to start, you literally can’t fuck up. All tea is good for you and there are an infinite amount of different teas.

If you don’t usually drink tea or don’t have any, buy a few different kinds that appeal to you. I like to buy tea in bulk from natural grocers. It is inexpensive and I prefer loose leaf. Pay attention to the brands you buy, many brands use pesticides on their tea leaves and their bags. Some brands I trust include Numi, Organic Stash, Organic Yogi Teas, and Organic Traditional Medicinals.

How to Practice

Start by looking at your teas, or thinking about them, and connect to your center. Pick any tea that you feel drawn to. If you don’t feel anything just pick any tea, remember you can’t fuck this up. After you have tried multiple kinds of tea, picking one based off intuition will become easier. You will remember how each one makes you feel and your body will let you know what it wants. Once you have mastered picking tea with your intuition, choosing and eating food with your intuition will be a breeze.

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What is your favorite tea? Tell me in the comments below!

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