The best way to become healthy and stay healthy is to enjoy the process. So, up with chocolate! Chocolate is packed with feel good endorphins and serotonin. Chocolate also has flavonoids that are full of antioxidants. These give our stomachs a full and satisfied feeling, making chocolate my go to snack when I am craving sugar. (Click here for more tips to avoid sugar).

Dark Chocolate

Now, when I say chocolate, I do mean dark chocolate. At least 70%. (What even are other kinds of chocolate)? This information may have you moaning but don’t move on just yet. Dark chocolate may be something of an acquired taste, or so I’ve heard, but it can be acquired easily.

Get a Taste

If you are like me, then you are basically addicted to sugar. I have a major sweet tooth. When I find I am eating too much sugar and need to wean off, I put a bar of dark chocolate in my purse, a cupboard, or wherever it is accessible. Every time I start to crave something sugary and sweet, I eat one ounce of dark chocolate. Because it is filling and satisfying, only one ounce is necessary. If dark chocolate isn’t your favorite, then you definitely will not want more than that, but an ounce is doable.

Don’t Try Too Hard

It’s okay if you have that ounce of chocolate and then still break and having something sugary. Don’t be too hard on yourself. In fact, enjoy whatever sweet and unhealthy treat you get your hands on. Enjoy the hell out of it. Then move on and try again.

Curb The Cravings

Overtime you will find that not only have you become accustomed to the taste of dark chocolate, but you enjoy it. Welcome to the dark side. The dark chocolate will help curb cravings while still satisfying that sweet tooth. I like to buy a bunch of dark chocolate on sale so that I always have it on hand. I also like to keep it accessible but not too accessible, I keep it out of sight by keeping it in my purse or a cupboard. This ensures that I don’t reach for it just because I am bored, I go looking when I am actually having a craving.

The Best Chocolate

So now you have all this information about dark chocolate and how to utilize it to curb cravings. Well you can bet I also have an opinion about what kind to buy! The better quality chocolate you get, the better the benefits will be. I also prefer to buy chocolate that will appeal to my conscience. Take a look at the label and make sure it says fair trade , GMO free, organic, as well as vegan or gluten free if you are either of those.

My absolute favorite dark chocolate brand is Endangered Species. They are ethically traded and have great variety such as mint, hazelnut toffee, and coffee bean.

Now go out and eat more dark chocolate!



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