What can a health coach actually do for you? You have the internet, with infinite information and resources. What can I do for you, that you can’t just do yourself? The truth is, you CAN do this yourself. You don’t need me, or anybody else who claims to be the answer to your problems. That being said, there are still many benefits to having a health coach, or any coach, that you should be aware of before making an investment.

Sacred Listening

Yes, I do mean sacred. As someone whose job is to give advice, I have learned the best thing I can do 90% of the time is bite my tongue. A lot of the time people already have the answers to their own problems and giving a bunch of advice just adds more stuff to sift through in their heads. Listening is the biggest part of my job. And not just listening to the words you are saying, but truly being present with you.

Sacred listening consists of: Not thinking of how I can help you while you are talking. Not thinking of a response while you are talking. Observing your tone and body language. Giving you the space to speak without judgment. Truly taking in what you are saying and how you feel.

Basically, paying the fuck attention and staying out of my own head. It’s a practice for sure and I am not perfect at it. I may get ideas and intuitive hits while you are talking, but I don’t actually make the homework until later so that in the moment I can just focus on understanding you.

Untangle Brain Knots

As I mentioned before, most people already know how to solve their problems. But they may lack clarity, feel unsure about how to move forward, feel stuck, lack motivation, or sabotage themselves. As a coach, I can help you gain clarity on your next steps and essentially help you untangle the brain knots you have over it.

As humans, we tend to get wrapped up in our heads and way over think things. It is so helpful to have a professional take all of those over done thoughts and show you what you are missing. The phrase I hear most often from my clients is, “Oh! I have never thought about it that way before!” (It’s my favorite thing to hear). You may know (or not) how to solve your problems but it is worth the investment to have someone make it easy for you.

Hold Space

A coach holds space for you. Or in other words, holds you accountable. Self sabotage is a sneaky bitch. How many times have you started something then after a week or so, thrown in the towel? How many times have you fallen out of a good habit? A coach, and I mean me specifically, can help you identify the sabotage and how to handle it. And then keep you accountable for it. You are also investing in yourself for a coach. I can tell you from personal experience that it means more when you spend money on it. When I started my business it was easy to listen to my lazy voice and push something aside for later. But when I had a coach, that meant I would have to tell her I didn’t accomplish my task and that was just wasting money.

I Am Rooting For You

My literal job is to be your cheer leader. Sure, you have friends and family and it makes a huge difference when they are supportive. But they also have their own lives, jobs, goals, etc. Our entire relationship is me helping you reach your goals. The focus is always on you. I can say again, from personal experience, it makes all the difference when someone is working to make your wish a reality. You not only have the power of two but you are more motivated and driven.

What Does A Health Coach Do For You

As a health coach, I help you change your life by giving you skills that are useful forever. I can help you make the smallest changes that get the biggest results. I help you transform your mindset. You absolutely can do those things yourself if you are dedicated and disciplined enough. Or you can invest in professional help. I do my best to make both possible with lots of free content and offering coaching. As always, feel free to ask any questions about health coaching and what it can do for you.

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