I am not your typical health coach. I don’t focus on weight loss, I don’t tell you what to eat, and I don’t create a work out schedule for you. Don’t get me wrong, those health coaches are doing important work and if that is what you need I know many I can refer you to.

What I focus on is your relationship with your body, your intuition, and with food. My goal is to help you fall in love with your body, to understand it and be able to communicate with it. I want you to know what your body needs and wants at anytime and have the tools to give yourself those things. Here are some of those tools to help you connect to your body.

Speak to your body

Your body is not going to respond positively when you treat it like shit for not being the way you want it to be. It won’t get skinnier when you call yourself fat. It won’t get stronger when you call yourself weak. What you say about your body matters, you have to make a conscious effort to start changing the words you use. Remember to be compassionate. Be gentle with your body and with yourself. We are not perfect beings.


Express gratitude for your body everyday! Tell your body what you are so thankful for, especially the functional things. We focus soooo much on beauty and aesthetics. But those things don’t carry us everywhere, digest our food, lift heavy things, and all of the incredible things our bodies are capable of. There are many times through out the day where you can find simple ways to communicate appreciation for your body. You can do it when you first wake up, when you shower, while you apply makeup, while you dress, etc. Thus making these monotonous moments very intentional.

Worship Your Body

What does worship look like to you? Feel like to you? Perhaps you are a part of a religion or are spiritual. Perhaps you don’t worship anything. All of that is fine but think of all the many kinds of worship people offer to their Gods, and imagine offering that to yourself. The awe, the ritual, the intention. Maybe we would believe that we are the Gods. Decorate your body mindfully. Create time to show it love and care. Take pride in the way you show up for your body and your body will be capable of things you never knew.

Some simple things you can do to worship your body include, massage (I specifically like to do breast massage, even if just a few minutes everyday), mindful body movement (like exercise, dance, yoga, etc), listening to your body, mindfully cleaning, etc. The key between daily self care and worshiping your body is awareness and intention.


Specifically practice awareness meditation. Notice how your body feels and its position. Become aware of the breath, of your skin, your limbs, etc. That’s it. Just awareness. When you notice your focus has escaped, gently bring it back. With practice you will begin to tune into your body, you will be able to listen and communicate.

Move your body

Whether it be exercise, dancing, yoga, hiking, stretching, or what the fuck ever, move your body every single day. When you don’t move your body, you feel stagnant. It is hard to be connected with your body when the energy is not flowing. So move it and move mindfully. It doesn’t have to be a lot either. I get some days you have all the motivation and other days you want to spend in bed. Same. So do some stretches in bed! You will feel juicy and delicious and so connected to your body.


I preach and practice that you can work for whatever kind of body you want and simultaneously love and accept your body now. And that doesn’t mean loving your “flawed” body while forcing it to look like the current beauty standards. I mean truly love and accept your body in an empowering way while working for your goals. For example, I love my body (not all the time I am not perfect). I love my body and I am working to make it stronger and more flexible.


Relationships take time, practice, and patience. Create a daily practice that resonates with you to create this relationship with your body. If you would like help doing so, send me a me message! (you can do so on Instagram or facebook @glowingmimi). I offer a free coaching session and I specifically excel at creating daily practices. We can definitely find something that lights up your soul and makes building a relationship with you body something to look forward to.

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