I, and probably you, was taught to rely on other people rather than my own intuition. I was taught to listen to my parents, authority figures, religious figures, and especially men before I should consult my own self. When I was 19 I started to notice the difference between my intuition and everything I had ever been raised to believe. It was a struggle, but I chose to follow my heart. I left behind religion and chose to believe in myself.

Fast forward to age 23. My intuition nagged me again. I had done things here and there to build this relationship with myself. I had a meditation and yoga practice, I worked on mindset, I explored the things that lit up my soul. But now my intuition was telling me to go all in. It was time to focus on my growth, my path, my highest self. Emphasis on MY. Since then, every time I listened to my intuition, I was preparing for 2020. I was preparing to have a teenager and to help him create life and experience healing. Even now I am sure my intuition is preparing me for more.

I would not be where I am had I not listened to my intuition step by step, day by day. I wasn’t perfect, I failed plenty of times, but it was enough. Here are some steps to help you recognize your voice and allow yourself to be pulled where it tugs.


Depression is something many of us are familiar with and I struggle with it too. But, did you know you can use your depression as a tool? And in turn, it helps the depression! Whenever you feel depressed, it is a sign to look inwards. It is a sign that you are not in alignment. Which is not bad, it means that you are so close. When I was 19 and wrestling with religion and my heart, I was super depressed. Before I chose to go all in at 23, I was super depressed. Right before I went to get my brother from his toxic situation, I was depressed. The depression is showing me there is an imbalance, and it is not easy when you feel depressed, but take the time to ask yourself questions. Ask what is out of alignment. What are you keeping yourself in that is not working for you? At 19, that was religion. At 23, it was the groundhogs day life I was living. In January, it was living with the knowledge that my brother was in pain. When you can find what it is out of balance, you can change it.


Of course the way to changing may not always be clear. Which is why we build intuition. Each time I cycle through depression, it is shorter than the last, this is because I am learning to listen to myself and I can get into alignment quicker. So how do we do this? Awareness! And what is the best way to build awareness? Meditation! Have you ever just sat and noticed all the things going on inside your body? Instead of pushing the exhaustion to the back of your mind, bring it to the forefront. Notice if your toes feel cold or warm. Notice your breath, feel your chest/stomach rise and fall. What can you hear, taste, smell? After doing a practice like that you will feel more centered, you are more open to the messages of your intuition. Personally, I feel a tug when my intuition wants me to pay attention to something. In order to feel the tug, I must be aware. This can sound overwhelming, being aware of so much. Don’t worry, it is a practice and it will become easy. But you have to start first.

Light up your soul

The funnest way to build intuition is to play! It is hard to listen to your intuition when you are filled with worries and anxiety. There are many who say that intuition comes from the inner child. So do things that make your inner child happy. Run through nature, go to the lake, play with legos, color, dance! These things will help you connect with yourself quickly and effortlessly. Do what lights up your soul, and it will lead you to even more things that light up your soul!

Move your body

This is following the last tip but deserves its own placement. Again, it is hard to listen to intuition when you are stuck in your head. So pull yourself out of your head and into your body. This can be something so simple like jumping up and down, or my favorite, dance! Dancing will connect you to your highest self like no other, because you are moving your body intuitively. In the words of Gina from B99, “Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance”.


Treat yourself with compassion

Hey, your intuition isn’t going to know how to help you if you’re always a dick to it. Imagine you are speaking to little you when you talk shit to yourself or beat yourself up. If you want to build a relationship with intuition, it starts by changing the way you speak to yourself. You, as much as anybody, deserve love and compassion.

Question everything

Question everything! Not in a defensive way but rather in a curious way. Ask things like, why do I think this way? Why do I believe the way I do? Are these words in my head my own? Why do I behave this way? One of my favorite quotes, the first thing I learned in Anthropology freshman year, “Make the strange familiar and the familiar strange”. Question everything, become familiar with the strange and uncomfortable.

If you would like anymore help with building intuition, send me a message! I would be happy to give help that is tailored to you!

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