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Intuitive eating – Shadow Work – All The Self Love

Fall in love with nourishing your body

 Do you keep trying to lose the extra weight? Do you wake up on time, exercise, eat home cooked meals, and do ALL the things, but keep falling back into old habits? Or, are you doing all the things successfully and just not losing the weight?

You are consciously trying to do all the healthy things but you keep finding yourself over eating, beating yourself up, skipping the gym, wasting time on your phone, or just plain not losing weight with seemingly no explanation. 


 Self sabotageLow self worth. Out of alignment. 

 If you felt a punch to the gut with each of those words, I can relate. I was once the same. I was overweight, chronically tired, and a depressed anxious mess. I was relying on authority figures, diets that didn’t work, and work outs that I hated. But I just couldn’t wait to be the size I wanted so that I could finally love myself. So I could be confidant, sexy, and out going. 

But something was blocking me.

Until it was more painful to stay the way I was than face all the things with in me I was afraid of. The hurt, the trauma, the truth. 

Once I listened to my shadow side, I saw that my unconscious mind was really the one pulling the strings.

Unconsciously, I was comfortable being fat. I secretly wanted to stay the way I was so that I wouldn’t have to be confidant, sexy, lead, socialize, etc.

I was holding myself back from losing weight because I was holding myself back from being those other things. It was far easier to be invisible, untested, and unsocial.

But these days my life is vastly different! I feel healthy and strong — and so can you!

Now imagine this, imagine a day where you wake up and you are EXCITED. You wake up, you dance, you GLOW, you know your fucking worth. You eat a healthy breakfast, work out, make authentic connections, go shopping for your new wardrobe, cook your own food, eat the cookie with zero guilt, YOU ARE FREE.

Four years ago I began the journey to intuitive eating, to self love. I have taken everything I have learned and know to get RESULTS into this 8 week online course. This course teaches you to intuitively nourish your body using powerful shadow work techniques and a heavy emphasis on self love. 

 Starting right now, you have the power consciously choose to leave behind your old patterns and embrace the new. 

Introducing The Extensive Intuitive Eating Course

Jump into this 8 week course to rewrite your relationship with your body and food

Let’s transform you from feeling stuck, to feeling alive!


Intuitive eating? Shadow work? What are these things??


Intuitive eating is the practice of falling in love with nourishing your body. It learning to connect to your intuition to learn exactly what your body wants and needs. No diets, no rules, no guilt. Just you and your gut working together to create the healthiest you. 

Intuitive eating is all about trusting your intuition and feeding your body what it truly wants. Think: nourishment and flow instead of stress and deprivation!

The shadow is the gate keeper between the conscious and the unconscious. It is where we store all the things we dislike about ourselves or the things that don’t fit in with our socially acceptable identity.

The shadow is keeping the secrets of why you sabotage yourself AND how to heal them!

 90% of what I teach and share is MINDSET. Because you can take all the actions and do all the things but if your mind isn’t on board you will keep sabotaging yourself! When you take ALIGNED action, you get more results with LESS work. That’s the dream right? 

The course also has a strong emphasis on radical self love. The kind of self love that is so deep and true, you are literally rebelling against society. 

If you are ready for deep emotional healing, transforming self sabotage, and gaining freedom from old patterns, you are in exactly the right place! Let’s get to the core, cut the bull shit, and heal what is holding you back! 

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Your investment to the program is $88. The course includes 8 emails sent weekly. Each email contains a video (imbued with my literally magic presence), a work sheet and powerful homework.


 With this extensive course you will…

  • Adopt a higher mindset and learn how to take ALIGNED action

  • Learn to nourish your body intuitively

  • Let go of shame and guilt

  • Understand why you are sabotaging yourself

  • Get to the core of those reasons and heal them

  • Shift from blocking yourself to working with yourself 

  • Learn the practices and tools to help you fall in love with your body and yourself

  • Create space for deep emotional healing

  • Connect to your intuition

  • Gain more energy and passion for yourself and your goals
  • Lose weight naturally and easily 
  • Create practical but powerful next steps and a plan of action


Let’s Begin!


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Being someone who has been overweight most of her life I was extremely skeptical about starting this intuitive eating program. However what have I got to lose? It turns out I had a lot more to gain.

I have formed a new relationship with food, and while I may still not be happy with my body I have learned to appreciate it, love it, and trust the changes that I’m going through will provide the outcome I’m looking for.

My overall mental stability has increased and I find myself more positive, more outgoing, and stronger mentally that I have been in years. Working with Mimi has been extremely wonderful. You won’t find anyone more supportive than she is. She has guided me through the process and I am so grateful to her for her kindness and patience with me. You can’t go wrong when you choose love, especially when you choose to love yourself.


In our session with Mimi she was able to put our goals into an acheivable form and gave us great tips on relaxation. She had great advice and was very helpful. Just like anything in life the more you put into it the more you’ll get out of it.


Thank you Mimi for coaching me. I LOVED it! Your techniques and advice are Amazing! I learned so much and highly reccomend people to sign up for the positive coaching. It’s life changing.


About me


I am Mimi. I am a health coach, shadow worker, intuitive eating guide, and all around delightful person. I am all about body image, emotional eating,  and deep inner work.

I am an ACE certified health coach and I have a bachelors degree in Psychology.

 I am a quirky individual with a passion for life. I am obsessed with this desert I call home. I love a good adventure, either by fantasy book or in real life.


This is for you

If you are ready to dig deep, get uncomfortable, and break through! 



Each email contains an educational video on the subject of the week. They are:

  1. Mindset
  2. The healing process
  3. reject guilt
  4. Mindfullnes
  5. Feel to heal


    Work sheet

    • Understand the shadow and how to work with it
    • Acceptance
    • Shadow working tools
    • Feel to heal
    • Protecting your energy
    • Self sabotage


    Home work


    • Self care
    • Fuck the rules
    • Radical responsibility
    • Gratitude
    • Self worth

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