Why create a sacred space? All the reasons! Namely, for meditation. Of course, you can meditate anywhere, but it is really really really nice to have your own beautiful and meaningful space to retreat to to feel grounded, connected, centered, and at peace.

So here is how to make such a space.

Find a Space and Smudge

First, choose your sacred space. You may not have a lot space, that is okay, you don’t need much. Just your own little corner somewhere. Mine is the space between my bed and the wall, just a few feet. Get some sage or palo santo, sweet grass, copal, dried basil, whatever you want to smudge the space you have chosen.

Create an Alter

I love the process of creating an alter. I love finding meaningful objects and imbuing them with my intentions. The process is magical. I’m not expert at creating alters but I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong. Choose some crystals, meaningful objects, a candle, shells, etc and place them on your alter. You can look up the different meanings of different directions, grids, crystals, or you can completely go by your intuition. Smudge each object you put on your alter and spend a little time holding it and meditating with it to imbue it with your intention.

Make it Comfy and Beautiful

Get creative and have some fun. This is your retreat space, make it comfortable. Have a mediation pillow, a blanket, a nice rug, etc. Put up artwork that create feelings of peace and love. I like to hang my paintings on the wall and I also have my robes for easy access.

Have a Magical Tool Box

You just gotta! My inner child is delighted at my magical tool box. It holds all my extra crystals, meaningful objects, paper and pens, a lighter, etc. Anything I might need when inspiration strikes.


Create a daily ritual in your sacred space. You can go to your sacred space as much as you want, obviously, but it is also good to have a daily ritual. Meditate, smudge, write in your journal, recite mantras, whatever you like, but do it every day and watch the magic happen.

Have more rituals that you don’t necessarily do every day. I like to do new moon rituals each month. At the very least, it always involves smudging, meditation, lighting a candle, and writing down my intentions for the month.

Most of all, create your sacred space with love, joy, and intention. Retreat to feel centered and balanced. Retreat to remember what is really important, what it is you are really working for and realign yourself with your purpose.

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What is your favorite object on your alter and what does it mean to you? Let me know in the comments!

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