My take on 4 of the internet known vortexes

In October 2019, I traveled to Sedona, Arizona with my mom and youngest brother. We stayed in a lovely airbnb in Cornville, 25 minutes from Sedona. It was on a beautiful property with a water fall and pomegranate trees. It was a perfect place to retreat to from the business of Sedona. If you would like to check out the place to book you can find it HERE.

On our first day, which was half a day because of travelling, we stopped at the Tlaquepaque shopping center for food. My nose immediately took me to this Traditional Pakistani chai tea place. We then went to the Amitabha Stupa and peace park. Not a vortex but I highly recommend going.

Day 2: We got up super early, like 5 am, and went to our first vortex. The airport mesa. The closest parking lot was already full so we parked at the top, worth it for the amazing views of the city, and hiked down to the vortex. My mom and I went to the top of the rock where the vortex was said to be. I meditated and felt lovely, but no different than just being in nature. My mom and I started to joke saying this is the “tourist vortex” and the real one is somewhere more secret. But then, I felt the uncontrollable urge to laugh. I laughed and felt an upward surge of energy and I felt most of it in my third chakra, the solar plexus. My mom felt it soon as well.

After the Airport Mesa we carried on to Cathedral Rock, our next vortex. This was decidedly mine and Jarom’s favorite. A good deal of it was rock climbing (super glad I had my bouldering shoes). My 14 year old brother went from tired, bored teenager to a straight up mountain goat with endless energy. It is not an easy hike for everyone, my mom did not follow us to the top. At the top most of my time was spent freaking out when I thought my brother was going to close to the edge, but I did meditate some. Here the energy was softer and more fluid. I felt it mainly in my womb chakra. It was my favorite for both the rock climbing and for the way I felt there.

Pro tip, a way you can tell you are in a vortex is by the shape of the juniper trees present. They grow in swirly spiraly ways.

Next we headed on to our third vortex, this is still day 2! The third vortex we visited was the church in the rock. It is a church built coming out of a rock. It is awesome to see. By now the crowds of tourists have really started to gather so we didn’t spend long in the church. The energy I felt there was that of unconditional love and I felt it in my heart chakra. It was a place I would have liked to spend more time but we were tired and hungry, we had had a VERY full morning.

Day 3: We got up even earlier, 4 am, to Boynton Canyon. This was going to be our 4th vortex. Buuuuuuut I took a wrong turn and instead of seeing the vortex we took a lovely 7 mile hike through the canyon. I was not overly disappointed, there are a lot of vortexes and on the way we came across a Native American Medicine Wheel. I spent some time meditating near this spot and the energy felt electric. The hike was also stunning with the sunrise, making our early morning totally worth it.

It wasn’t until much later, when I looked it up, that I learned the hike to the vortex was MUCH shorter than the one we embarked on. Nonetheless, I loved it. We next traveled to the last internet known vortex, Bell Rock. Our legs were grateful to find that it wasn’t a hike, more of a one mile walk to the rock. The energy hit me more powerfully and quickly than the others had. Like a surge of lightening. Jarom and I played on the rock for a bit and then we headed on to food and rest.

During our short stay in Sedona we also saw Montezuma Castle, a castle built inside of a cliff, and Tuzigoot, an ancient pueblo. We ended our stay with a four hour train ride through Verde Canyon, which was delightful and needed after all the hiking.

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