Exploring Ubud, Bali

Traveling to Bali is a must for any explorer. From the scenic rice fields to the history rich temples, there is something in Bali for everyone. Time slows down in Bali, especially in the city of Ubud. Everyone goes at their own pace, mindfulness and kindness are a part of the culture. Ubud is an amazing place to travel to reconnect with your soul and to take a break from the rat race.

Swasti Eco Cottages

My favorite place I have stayed in all of my travels. I cannot recommend this place enough. If you book this place be sure to book the bungalow. It is beautiful and private. Swasti Eco Cottages is true to it’s name, they are very green conscious. Their food comes from their own garden, which is delectable by the way. They also have their own animals. Everything is natural and environment friendly. I felt like I was in an enchantment during our stay there such was the serenity and beauty. You can book them online here.

The cottages are only a ten to fifteen minute walk away from the main shopping area of the Ubud. From the shopping area, it is not much farther to the palace and to the Swasti temple. 

Walk and explore the streets of Ubud. Enjoy the prayer flower creations made by the locals every morning. Learn about the rich history. Eat organic food that double as works of art. Be mindful of every moment and the city will take hold of your heart and never let go.


Randy and I spent only one night in Uluwatu but it is worth mentioning. As soon as we got there we walked to Suluban beach, my favorite beach in the world. It’s quite the adventure getting there. We had to walk down a lot of steps and go through a cave. Once there we found that the beach was actually three beaches split by the caves. It’s very rocky, which I loved. There were also a lot of holes in the rocks creating personal hot tubs in the ocean. This beach will make you want to play like a child.

That evening we went to the Uluwatu temple. The temple is located on a cliff overlooking the sea. We arrived just before sunset. (Beware, this temple is full of monkeys that fear nothing, they will take the glasses right off your face). Watching the sunset behind the beautiful ocean, walking in a sacred place, feeling the warm breeze, it was the best way to end our stay.

After the temple we went to El Kabron, a Spanish restaurant sitting on a cliff. If you travel to Bali you must eat at this restaurant. The view is incomparable and so is the food.

If you have traveled to Ubud, comment below with your favorite thing about the city. If you haven’t, tell me where I should travel next!

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