We have all seen the advertisements for some health or diet product. Lose weight and keep it off! Lose weight, forever! So long as life doesn’t happen, you don’t have depression, and you don’t age, and you hyper control everything. This isn’t to say that you cannot lose weight and keep it off, but it’s important to not attach your self worth to that idea.

The magic of taking care of your health and nourishing your body isn’t found in the perfect practice. It is found when you come back. Recently I was reading this lovely book, “A little Bit of Mantras” by Lily Cushman and I got this mind blowing quote. “Learning how to return to daily practice after losing momentum is the secret to success.” She is talking about meditation but it is applicable to every daily practice. And health is a daily practice. It is okay if you are depressed and take naps when you would usually work out. It is okay if you started a new job and have to manage a new schedule. It is okay if you just fell out of it. Come back and keep coming back. Let go of the idea that you have to do something perfectly and forever. The magic is in coming back.

Expanding on the magic of coming back to a daily practice, I loooooove the concept that life is a spiral. You keep coming back to the same things but with deeper understanding. When you fall out of your practice of working out, eating healthy, or listening to your body you get the opportunity to reconnect and gain deeper understanding. You get the opportunity to reignite the flame, expand your knowledge, create more motivation, operate more consciously, and approach with more love and gentleness.

Over the summer I gained 10 pounds. It’s not that much but it was enough to bring back all the old feelings of being overweight and worse. I am a health coach now. I am my own advertisement and I’ve gained weight? Who will believe that I can help them? Will they think that I am tricking them? I noticed I had attached my self worth to my weight again and I thought, I already learned this. Why do I have to learn this again?

It wasn’t until I let go the idea of losing weight and keeping it off forever that I understood. I understood that it was time for me to come back to the beginning of my journey but with deeper understanding. It took me a loooong minute to get to this mindset but I am grateful I gained the weight. I am grateful that I have this opportunity to learn even more about intuitive eating, my shadow, and deeper truths about my craft. I am so grateful that I get to go even deeper into the truth of self worth, body love, and intuitive eating so that I can do what I do best. Sharing those truths with you.

And yes, I am tricking people. I am hoping that the depressed, the overweight, and anyone who wants to change their health will see my advertisement about losing weight and get interested. And I WILL help them to lose weight. But more importantly I will help them recognize their own self worth. I will help them to change their mindset, raise their vibration, and propel them into a consciously lived life. All that brain space used to worry about health can open up to being able to focus on passions, family, and life more fully.

I am hoping that everything I teach about intuitive eating spills out and affects every part of your life.

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What lessons do you keep coming back to? Let me know in the comments!

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